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Being a home owner, or second home owner, in France, you will find that French insurance differs in many ways from the rules in the UK and most of them beneficial! Recent changes to the regulations have been in favour of more flexibility for the client.

First of all, it is not advisable to insure your house in France from the UK, as you will certainly find this more expensive

Contracts are renewed automatically every year by tacit agreement, but can be cancelled at any time during the duration after a minimum of one year. You can also pay monthly for no extra charge, unlike the UK where reductions are only possible for an annual payment.

The business of changing insurers can be stressful, but when you find a local agency you are happy with and comfortable with their understanding of your situation, a huge advantage is that when you take out a new insurance policy with them, they will take care of the necessary procedure to cancel your old insurance.

As always, there is a franchise to pay, but this can be adapted to your needs, as you can reduce your monthly payments by increasing the amount of the franchise.

If you are a second-home owner, there is no obligation for the property to be inhabited for a minimum of 3 months a year in order to be covered by insurance. There is also no need to have a professional valuation of your property in order to insure it.

There are also many separate options covering short or long term rental agreements:

Dealing with complicated negotiations such as insurance can be very stressful, especially when speaking a different language. It is therefore very important to find an agency that has friendly, competent, English speaking staff, who can deal directly and efficiently with your needs and support you at every moment. In a world where personal contact is increasingly difficult, it is very reassuring to be able to deal with someone face to face or over the phone who understands your situation.

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